Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nut-Free School Lunch? No Problem!

As owner of a healthy alternative school lunch program I delivered hundreds of lunches a week to seven school buildings in Hudson County, New Jersey....all of which were nut free.

I wanted to serve an alternative to the staple peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I sampled several alternatives to nut spreads. When sampling my primary goals were to: Find a spread that was healthy and that had a taste and texture similar to peanut butter.

I ended up settling on Sunflower Spread. With that said I soon realized not all Sunflower Spreads are equal. One issue is that the Sunflower Spread separates and can become oily in texture by lunchtime.... Creating a very messy sandwich!

My Suggestion for a great alternative to PB&J is to use Sunbutter Brand Creamy No Stir Spread. The no stir alleviates the oil issue and helps create a great sandwich. It even holds up on the sandwich overnight!

The no stir Sunbutter is a little tough to find in stores but is available online at I have put a link below if you are interested in checking it out!