Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kid's Pizza Lunchbox

This lunch was a big hit! It is a healthier take on Lunchables. By making the Pizza Lunch myself I was able to add some more whole grains, less sodium, less fat and less preservatives.
To make the Pizza Lunch I cut some Whole Grain Nann  into quarters (I used Stonefire brand as they contain no synthetic dyes, no artificial preservatives and they are trans fat free). I placed a small handful of reduced fat Mozzarella and Cheddar cheeses into a compartment. Finally, I put a few tablespoons of Marinara Sauce into a compartment (I used the Marinara Sauce recipe I have listed on this site).  This was served with some fresh fruit on the side.

  • I bought the container from So far I am very pleased with the purchase. The container came in a pack of four and each container cost less that $3.50. They seem durable, did well in the dishwasher and are easy for kids to open. I placed a link below to the product on