Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Easy to Make Turkey Cupcakes

This is a fun little dessert for the kids on Thanksgiving. I saw this in a Betty Crocker magazine a few years back. I like this because it is so simple that the kids can help make the cupcakes. I know that Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away but leftover Halloween candy corn is on clearance at most stores! Enjoy!

Vanilla or Chocolate Cupcakes
Chocolate Frosting or Vanilla Frosting Dyed Brown
Candy Corn
Chocolate or Brown Sprinkles


 1. Start with plain cupcake.

2. Frost the cupcake.
3. Place frosting in a sandwich or freezer bag and cut a corner.

4. In the front squeeze small mountain of icing for the head. In the back squeeze a half circle of icing for the tail feathers.

5. Place a candy corn beak in the front and place the candy corn tail feathers in the half circle in the back.

6. For the eyes cut the white part off of the candy corn. Put either a dot of icing for the pupil or I made a dot with an black edible food marker.

7. Place some brown sprinkles in front of the tail feathers and place two candy corn in front for the feet.